Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

The addition of landscape lighting can transform a space which was only being utilised throughout the day into a space which can be enjoyed both day and night. Adding a view from  inside the house by bringing the surrounding garden to life with lighting which can be enjoyed as an extension of the house.

Lighting can be used to highlight specimen trees, ornamentation, feature walls and water features etc. Lighting can used to inconspicuously add light by uplighting from the base.

Safety lighting provides illumination to guide those moving through the garden, usually small lights  near steps or directing pathways and driveways.

When considering lighting in a landscape design it makes sense that the actual light should be aesthetically pleasing to look at. There are many types of decorative light fixtures in many styles which can add decorative value to space and enhance the outdoor to indoor connection. 

Decorative lights can be added to the entrance of the house, front gate or at the dining setting.